Reactivation campaigns

Re-engage former customers by extending personalized and targeted offers that are delivered at the right time. Refloat uses data like customer segmentation, cancellation reason, and additional factors to automatically create highly personalized reactivation offers.

Increase LTV

Retain more customers, automatically

Continue focusing on your ordinary responsibilities

Unique playbooks for each customer segment & churn reason

Ditch generic emails after a customer churns. Our automated solution crafts reactivation campaigns based on the specific reason entered during the cancellation, or if it was caused by a payment failure.

Any user activity within your app post-churn is also considered to ensure the right campaign is sent at the right time.


Extensive data collection, segmentation and analysis is conducted to ensure that the optimal playbook to win back each individual customer is run.


We obsess over continuous testing, because even the smallest improvements have compounding effects on your business.


Let Refloat's automated solutions manage your subscription lifecycle, freeing you to focus on innovating and improving your product.

Fantastic features

No more, no less

When a 9% discount can reactivate a customer, offering 20% is excessive. Our goal is to reactivate customers without overextending discounts.

Human touch

Depending on why the customer originally churned, Refloat may try to facilitate a conversation between the customer and your customer success team to address the issues, avoiding the need for a discount.

Second attempt

If a customer cancelled their subscription through Refloat's cancellation flow, the reactivation offers will differ from those provided during the cancellation process. Any wins made in one playbook enhance the other, resulting in better overall performance.

One-click reactivations

Remove barriers for customers to reactivate their subscriptions. Without evening having to sign in, a single click is all that's needed.

Reactivation wall

Block access to your app post-churn while enabling customers to reactivate their subscription with a single click.

You set the boundaries; Refloat operates within them

You define the thresholds and boundaries, from setting maximum discount amounts to deciding how long pauses and extensions of trials may last. You choose which tools from our toolbox that may be used, along with any mandatory cancellation options. Within those boundaries, Refloat operates and maximizes optimization.

Retention made easier

While you focus on creating outstanding products, Refloat’s data-driven and automated solution fine-tunes subscription lifecycle processes so you retain even more customers.