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For SaaS founders with less than $10k MRR.


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8% recovered MRR

Fully automated

Cut down on churn, without having to become an expert on lifecycle processes far from your product.

Ten unique offer types

Refloat uses multiple different tactics to retain customers, such as subscription pauses, discount types (percentage or fixed amount, one-time or recurring), trial extensions, and plan adjustments (upgrades or downgrades or switches to hidden plans), along with direct access to support.

Automatic customer segmentation

All your customers are segmented by criteria such as duration of subscription, total spend, flakiness, type of subscription plan and engagement.

Continuous experimentation

Even the smallest improvements have compounding effects on your business. Unique playbooks are tested for various segments to consistently identify improvements.

Continuous offer optimization

Offers are constantly optimized to ensure they are both effective and economical. If a customer can be retained with a 9% discount, there’s no rationale for offering 20%.

Cancellation flows

Unlimited cancel flow sessions

Refloat handles an unlimited number of customer cancellation flows for you. It doesn't matter whether it's 5 or 5,000 customers initiating the cancellation process per month.

Unlimited cancel flow playbooks

A playbook is a cancellation flow for a specific customer segment. The most effective retention offer might be a $52 one-time discount for your most valuable customers, whereas an 11% discount for the next three billing cycles could be best for retaining flaky customers.

Pause wall

When customers with paused subscriptions return to your app, the Pause wall blocks access while also enabling them to reactive the subscription with a single click.

Trial wall

When users with expired trials visit your app, the Trial wall blocks access while also enabling them to enable a subscription with a single click.

Failed payment recovery (coming soon)

Optimized ML payment retries

Unlimited failed payment handling

Unlimited recovery playbooks

In-app credit card capture form

Multi-channel notifications

Failed payment wall

Reactivation campaigns (coming soon)

Unlimited reactivation campaigns

Unlimited segmentation and experiments

Ten unique offer types

One-click reactivation

Reactivation wall

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Retention made easier

While you focus on creating outstanding products, Refloat’s data-driven and automated solution fine-tunes subscription lifecycle processes so you retain even more customers.