Retain more customers, automatically

Refloat optimizes cancellation flows, failed payment recovery and reactivation campaigns for SaaS businesses. Processes far from your product—but critical for retention.

Cancellation flows

A subscriber intending on canceling after two weeks has different reasons than someone two years into their subscription.

Optimizing the cancellation process to these, and many other circumstances significantly influence a customer's decision to stay.

Failed payment recovery

Address failed payments effectively with smart retry strategies, email campaigns, in-app notifications, and paywalls, supplemented by credit card capture forms and ongoing experimentation to enhance recovery results continuously.

Recovery made simple, finally

Refloat supports subscription businesses in minimizing customer churn by enhancing key but often neglected aspects of subscription management.

Although subscription lifecycle management is distant from your product offering, you’ll be surprised by the significant leverage and impact optimizing these processes can have on customer retention.

We believe in letting businesses focus on creating outstanding products, while Refloat’s automated and data-driven solutions refine these crucial processes.

Data-driven, automated & consistently improved

Managing the subscription lifecycle is not a core part of your product nor expertise. Delegate it to Refloat and experience the positive impact on your business.


Extensive data collection, segmentation and analysis is conducted to ensure that the optimal playbook to retain each individual customer is run.


We obsess over continuous testing, because even the smallest improvements have compounding effects on your business.


Let Refloat's automated solutions manage your subscription lifecycle, freeing you to focus on innovating and improving your product.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

That’s why:

Our cancellation flow toolbox includes numerous tactics to retain customers, such as subscription pauses, various discount types (percentage or fixed amount, one-time or recurring), trial extensions, and plan adjustments (upgrades or downgrades or switches to hidden plans), along with direct access to support.

Our failed payment recovery toolkit encompasses in-app alerts, emails, text messages, paywalls, and popup forms for capturing new payment methods directly on your website. We also implement automatic payment retries with advanced logic tailored to specific failure reasons and customer groups, complemented by dunning offers.

Our reactivation campaign instruments include one-click resubscriptions, in-app alerts, and customized email and text message drip campaigns. These tactics are strategically designed around your customer segments and their reasons for initially churning.

We continuously test these tools on your different customer segments, ensuring that the resulting playbook is finely tuned and personalized for maximum retention efficiency.

Retention made easier

While you focus on creating outstanding products, Refloat’s data-driven and automated solution fine-tunes subscription lifecycle processes so you retain even more customers.